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Call for Nominations

Open Positions:


Marketing Director

Submit by July 15th, 2024


Secretary: (2-year term) - The Secretary reports to the President and plays a critical role in fostering effective processes, organization and documentation as part of the WID-GBC Board of Directors. The Secretary plans and schedules Board Meetings, maintains Chapter records (e.g., meeting minutes, Chapter Manual), develops policies and procedures to enable efficient Chapter operations, and ensures the organization is run in accordance with its bylaws. Additionally, the Secretary serves as a coach and mentor to early career board members, providing advice on how to develop leadership skills when serving in volunteer Board positions.


Marketing Director (2 year term) – The Marketing Director role is a close partner to the President/Vice President, VP of STEM, and leaders of the Membership, Sponsorship and Program Planning Committees, and other members of WID-GBC by managing chapter content and information. Key responsibilities of this role include producing marketing content and running media platforms for the website (hosted by Wix), LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.  Success in this role is the effective delivery of content and timing of material that results in interest and participation in the WID-GBC’s media platforms and events.  This role directs the WID-GBC MMSE (Marketing, Membership, Sponsorship, Events) virtual meetings bi-weekly. 



  • Must be a WID-GBC member at time of nomination

  • Currently serving or recently served in a role engaging in a WID event or in support of the WID-GBC Board or its committees is preferred

  • Able to perform duties of the position and commitment of time required for the duration of the term

  • Work at a company that is part of the defense industrial base in the WID-GBC's geographic areas of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and parts of Rhode Island

  • Be a US Citizen



All active WID members are eligible for nomination for any open positions. Any questions or all letters of nomination should be addressed to:  WID-GBC Secretary Jennifer Bride (, submit by July 15, 2024.

The ideal nomination will:

1.     Include a letter stating the full name of the candidate, the position for which they are being nominated and address the following topics as appropriate:

·        Interest in the role

·        Current professional success

·        Ability to promote WID-GBC organizational goals and broadly represent the WID-GBC membership

·        Committed to contribute (time available)

·        Strategic thinking

·        Effective leadership and mentoring skills

·        Previous extracurricular organization involvement

·        Any other pertinent information

2.     Include a current resume

3.     For other than self-nomination: State how the author knows the applicant and why the applicant is a strong candidate for the position.

Call for Nominations 2024
Submit Nominations by July 15th,2024

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