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The Value of Industry Organizations: Growing Your Career Through Networking


This event was a lunch and learn in partnership with American Corporate Partners; women’s program. The Lunch and Learn was held on June 5, 2019 from 1-2pm EST and the speakers for the event were Karen Conti and Josephine Lewis.

Karen Conti currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the CEO of Epsilon Systems Solutions, specializing in Business Development, Capture Management and Proposal Management. Josephine Lewis currently serves as the Marketing and Event Lead for Talent Acquisition at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems and is the current Military and Veterans Outreach Chair for Women in Defense Greater Boston Chapter. 

The event was held over a 1 hour lunch block through an interactive tool called Zoom Video Communications. Those who attended the event were able to chat with each other, ask questions, and state comments with the keynote speakers through the chat or voice communications. We had over 60 people register for the virtual event and over 30 people join us for a stimulating conversation about the benefits of networking organizations. This was WID-GBC’s very first virtual lunch and learn event and it was such a great turn out. 

The discussion around growing your career through networking and joining organizations like, Women in Defense Greater Boston Chapter, showed how it can help women throughout their careers. Our keynote speakers, Karen Conti and Josephine Lewis, led an amazing discussion about their personal experiences when first joining a networking organization. Conti shared a story reflecting on her first networking event where she ended up waking out because she did not know anyone and was experiencing a lot of nerves. The fear of not knowing anyone, the fear of asking questions, and the thought of maybe this was not right for her got the best of her that day. However, she knew she wanted to get involved and build relationships which ultimately drove her back to the organization. From that point forward, Conti volunteered, led events, and became the President of the WID San Diego Chapter. After all of those experiences, she later became the President of the National Chapter of Women in Defense and was an intricate part in forming the foundation for the WID Greater Boston Chapter. 

There are many personal and professional reason as to why someone should join organizations, like WID. Some of these reasons include building relationships, finding and connecting with a mentor or mentee, being a part of something bigger and finding your voice. These and many more were discussed in this virtual events lunch and learn. 


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